Introducing a revolutionary concept - Exclusive Path Routing at sharded content level , powered by 9 Patents (Granted/pending).
Experience Information theoretic approach to mitigate Wire-tapping with Quanum computing Attacks on Encryption !
Data-centric Security In-Motion, Radically Simplified ! With shard routing tunnels that we have built across the WAN spanning the whole earth.
We have squared the circle on cyber attacks on data in-motion, Period !

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    Our Unique Capabilities

    Cross-Boarder, Secure Data transfer across Nation states (patents pending)


    Sharded, data transfer across multiple geographic Routes (Patent pending)


    System and storage intrusion detection and prevention, with a security by design and default tenet.


    Quantum-Safe, Security in-motion, data-centric (patents pending)

    Exclusive Path Content Routing (Patent pending)

    AIOps driven data tunneling (patents pending)

    Information security Surveillance and Data Intrusion, Detection and Response


    100% SaaS based delivery and billing.

    Data-reduction/De-duplication in-motion (patents pending)